Parks and Recreation!




Cheltenham is never short of parks and recreational facilities for those tourists who only wish to kick back and relax while staying in this quaint and lovely town. For any tourist who is in Cheltenham for the weekend, a park or a garden is a must especially if we’re looking to just unwind the stresses of the week.


Here are some great places to kick back and relax while in Cheltenham:


Imperial Gardens – Just a mere 200 meters away from My Apartment 3 is the Imperial Gardens. A beautifully landscaped garden perfect for an afternoon’s relaxation or even picnic – just bring down your deckchair or your picnic basket and enjoy the sights and people passing by while surrounded with exquisitely beautiful flora.


Montpellier Gardens – Owned by the Borough Council since 1893 and being part of the Cheltenham Conservation efforts, spanning across 600 hectares is one of the country’s largest gardens, the Montpellier Gardens. The Montpellier Gardens lies close to the town’s heart and has been a vital part of Cheltenham’s regency landscape because of its design and aesthetic.


Pittville Park – With a Grade 2 Listing from the English Heritage register, the Pittvile Park is also home to one of the city’s most well-known landmarks: the Pittville Pump Rooms. First opening its gates in 1825, the Pittville Park is known in the city as its largest ornamental park. Lakes, gardens and various facilities also make the park an ideal destination for an easy afternoon.


Sandford Park – Sandford Park is located at the very end of High Street, perfect for shoppers and strollers to take a quick rest after a long walking stretch. Sandford Park is one of the underrated sights of Cheltenham. For most locals, it is an ideal route for walking on the way to work, or a nice nook to take a quiet lunch or breaks. The park also features a recreational area that’s ideal for family picnics or games, with a large open area and toilets ready for use. On the other side of the park, there lies a fountain where people can just sit back and relax, beautifully landscaped beds and amazing floral displays in the summer.



For a complete list of parks and where to go in Cheltenham, check this out ( ). Enjoy everything that the city has to offer with The Promenade Apartment’s ideal location! Call us today to make a reservation.