Built in 1935 and inspired by the then Guildford Lido, the Sandford Park Lido is an Olympic-sized Swimming Pool and is the largest Olympic-sized swimming pool in the West Midlands. The pool holds up to 50,000 gallons of water and is maintained at 21 degrees Celsius.


The Sandford Park Lido


The Sandford Park Lido sits at a land area originally in the property to Cheltenham College. It was then sold to the Cheltenham Borough Council with the initial intention of creating allotments. The discussion was then raised in one of the council meetings that the creation of a Lido can greatly benefit the entire town, causing the entire council to be split with making a decision. The issue back then was the idea of taking on a huge expense of construction at a period when the entire UK was having the big financial depression issue and a huge unemployment rate.


Eventually, the entire council decided in favour of creating the Lido under the guise that “the town should make its proper contribution to an urgent national need which is to raise the standard of health and physique of its people."


The construction began during the fall of 1934. However, the weather proved to be an antagonist to the situation with the labour being harder and more physical as it was carried all throughout the winter season for several years. Most of the time, all labour was being carried out knee deep in mud, and worse, the labourers uncovered an extensive vein of peat that resulted into even greater amount of concrete being used than what was in the original plan.


The best thing however was that once the construction of the Lido was complete, visitors to the area increased with over a hundred thousand visitors a year coming just for that Lido.


Presently, the Sandford Park Lido is the top place to visit for visitors in Cheltenham every year. Spanning over fifty meters and ten lanes wide, the Sandford Park Lido makes for an awesome sight for anyone who sees it for the first time. Littered with landscaped areas and cafes around it, the Lido is the perfect location for a total exercise and relaxation destination.


Open May to October. Many events hosted during the season including Triathlon, Jazz nights, Shakespearean plays etc. See Sandford Park Lido.